Université de Bordeaux
African cities in 2030May 31st - June 4th, 2021

Why choose us?

Since 1959, the African continent has been a focus of research for the University of Bordeaux. Over the years, a number of research centers, Master and PhD diplomas as well as leading research programs have been developed, in collaboration with exceptional research teams, including those within the fields of public health and epidemiology (Bordeaux Population Health Center – IDLIC team / Inserm U1219; Bordeaux School of Public Health / ISPED), economics (Theoretical and Applied Economics Research Group – GREThA), political sciences, geography and anthropology (Les Afriques dans le Monde – LAM / Sciences Po Bordeaux). Strong partnerships also exist with a number of African universities and research institutions. 

Thanks to this unique association of academic and scientific facilities and collaborations, the University of Bordeaux has developed great expertise and ambition in terms of research and action for African cities.