Université de Bordeaux
African cities in 2030May 31st - June 4th, 2021


Lecturers and tutors included renowned French and international researchers and experts in public health, economics and social sciences, involved in research and action for the African continent.

› Dr. G. T. Abate: Research fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, Ethiopia

› Dr. X. Anglaret / Prof. D. Malvy / Dr. O. Marcy: Infectious diseases in lower-income countries research team (IDLIC), Bordeaux Population Health - U1219, University of Bordeaux - French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm)French National Research Institute for Development (IRD), France

› Dr. T. Bernard / Dr. E. Rougier: Theoretical and Applied Economics Research Group (GREThA) - U5115, University of Bordeaux – French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), France

› Dr. A. Bouet: Professor of economics, University of Bordeaux, France - Senior research fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, USA

› Prof. D. Darbon / Dr. C. Thiriot: Les Afriques dans le Monde (LAM), Sciences Po Bordeaux, France

› Dr. F. Eboko: Sociologist, political scientist and research director, Population and Development Center, Paris Descartes University - IRD, France

› Prof. D. K. Ekouevi: Medical epidemiologist and professor in public health, Faculty of science and health, University of Lomé, Togo - IDLIC research team, Bordeaux Population Health - U1219, University of Bordeaux - Inserm, France

› Dr. D. Laborde Debucquet: Food security specialist and senior research fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, USA

› Dr. D. Nguyen: Infectious disease specialist, Bordeaux University Hospital, University of Bordeaux, France

› Prof. A. Poda: Infectious disease specialist in charge of the COVID-19 response in Burkina Faso, University of Bobo Dioulasso - School of Medicine, University Hospital Souro Sanou, Burkina Faso

› Prof. F. Viljoen: Professor of international human rights law, Center for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, South Africa